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Our Advantage:

1. The filter housing is aluminium alloy die-casted, with tight and strong structure, has long life span. All the housings are painted before cleaning, degreasing and special anti-corrosion treatment, which enhanced its durability.

2. Smaller and compact filter due to the advanced filter element designing idea.

3. The filter housing’s service life is 15 years, and the filter element can be used for 6000 to 8000 hours under working environment from temperature 1.5 to 80℃, pressure is under 1.6Mpa, also applicable to ocean platform operation.

4. The housing can bear pressure 32kg.f for 96hours, and the maximum burst pressure is 90kg.f.

5. Precise screw thread makes installation easier, and parallel connection of the housing can save installation and maintenance space.

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